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Moving passenger rail forward

正规网赌靠谱真人实体在线平台 supplies almost every major rail transit system in the world with solutions that improve safety, efficiency and passenger comfort.

正规网赌靠谱真人实体在线平台’s leverages decades of rail transit expertise to bring our customers solutions that are safer, smarter and greener.

Our products and services serve all types of rail transit, from high speed trains to regional networks and metro systems. Our integrated series of components, manufactured using advanced technologies, are designed to meet our customers’ needs for safety, energy efficiency and reliability. And with transit operators increasingly focused on total lifecycle cost, we support long-term asset performance with engineering services, and by providing spare parts, maintenance and retrofitting.

We help our customers meet their safety objectives with braking systems for mass transit that offer high braking distance accuracy, and train doors that reduce accidents and delays. Our patented solutions for HVAC systems reduce energy use and improve passenger comfort, while our digitized information systems keep passengers informed in real time, and enhance security. Our innovations have a common purpose: to move the rail transit industry forward.

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正规网赌靠谱真人实体在线平台 Transit Rail